What do we offer?


Are you wondering how you can extend your love for your own pets to serving other peoples pets as a dream career for you? Are you planning to upgrade your existing professional dog grooming and styling skills? Are you looking for the opportunity to have your own business?

A world that’s constantly changing with the increasing number of dog breeds for professional dog groomers are greater than ever.


Bather Brusher Course

Part 1 is for new groomers and covers those skills necessary to become an accomplished groomers assistant. You will learn bathing, brushing, and start the basics of clipping and scissoring.


Intermediate Grooming Course

Part 2 covers trimming, scissoring, clipping and styling skills to enable you to become a dog groomer. The object of this program is to prepare the student to be qualified to be employed or enter the grooming industry as a dog groomer. You will be competently finishing your grooms.


Intense Combined Course

This course is our most popular course for students that only have 8 days up their sleeves in time. For new students starting this is a faster course combining two courses into one, an intense combination of BBC1 and IGC2. In this course you will receive two NZDGS certificates and IPG track one certificates upon completion.


Advanced Grooming Course

Part 3 is an advanced course including finishing scissoring skills and breed specific course. This course is a one on one and is completed in your salon. 2 breeds can be covered in 1 day.


Grooming Certification

Part 4 In addition to NZ Dog Grooming Schools training, you have the opportunity to gain Internationally recognised certificates. These are through the International Professional Groomers Inc. (IPG) and can be completed through NZDGS. These courses provide international industry standards for the pet groomer.


Grooming Business 101

Part 5 covers how to handle clients, deal with competition, take salon appointments, marketing management, OHS in the salon and business management. Charges are $500 for 1 day of Business Management for operating your own grooming business. Charges are $500 for 1 day of OHS for groomers.

Training hours are 9.30 AM to 4 PM with a lunch break; all equipment is supplied for grooming while at NZDGS, but grooming packs can be organised at a discounted rate.

Sick days and no turn up days are charged as a day. NZDGS manuals are RTO formatted and certificates are given with each course.