Bather Brusher Course

Part 1 is for new groomers and covers those skills necessary to become an accomplished groomers assistant. You will learn bathing, brushing and start the basics of clipping and scissoring.

BBC1 Course Structure

Outline #1
  1. The importance of dog grooming
  2. The grooming salon
  3. Dog handling
  4. Pet safety and welfare
  5. Animal health and skin disorders
  6. Shampoos conditioners & rinses
  7. Hydrobathing/Bathing
  8. Cleaning ears
  9. Feet and Nails
  10. Brushing
  11. Drying the Dog
  12. Presenting the dog
  13. Grooming equipment and chemicals
  14. Dog coat types
  15. Dog anatomy
  16. Student Self Assessment Checklist

Application Form